4 NY Giants who robbed the team blind in 2023

These guys were overpaid in 2023 and let everyone down

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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2. DL Leonard Williams

Leonard Williams was a fine player and the return New York got for him in the trade with Seattle was great. However, even with his solid level of play, Williams was nowhere near worth the almost $30 million cap hit he had prior to the deal that made him a Seahawk.

In the eight games Williams played with the Giants this season, he racked up 21 combined tackles, two sacks, 22 pressures, and one tackle for loss. For the cap hit Williams possessed, this level of play simply wasn't going to cut it, and trading the former Pro Bowler to the Seahawks was definitely the right move.

Now, with an additional second-round pick in their bag this draft cycle, the Giants will have the chance to select a player who will not only be cheaper than Williams, but they could potentially have a bigger impact on the game than him as well.

Williams is a great player, and person, which makes it unfortunate that the Giants' defensive system didn't favor him because he's been a real contributor in the past. Whether he remains in Seattle or signs elsewhere, we're sure Williams will continue to be a stand-up guy on and off the field while also upping his level of play. With that said, his cap hit was brutal for Joe Schoen entering the '23 campaign.