Ranking the 5 most important games of the NY Giants 2023 schedule

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans
New York Giants v Tennessee Titans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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1. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles in Week 18

Speaking of revenge, the biggest game(s) of the 2023 season for the Giants will come against the defending NFC champions in the Philadelphia Eagles.

Last season, the Eagles defeated the Giants three times, including two blowout victories, the second of which coming in the NFC Divisional Round. Two out of the three times the Giants took the field against Philadelphia, New York was severely overmatched. The one time they weren’t you can throw out, as it was against backups for both sides.

If you want to become a contender in the NFC, the first step is beating your division rivals. It just so happens the Giants two biggest rivals may be the two best teams in the NFC. Still, that’s where the Giants want to elevate their game, and finding a way to get victories over Dallas and Philadelphia is how they can get there.

It wasn’t just 2022 where the Eagles dominated the Giants, as that’s become the status-quo over recent seasons. If Daboll and Jones want to establish themselves as the real deal, getting the best of Philadelphia will be the way.

Time will tell, but the Eagles and the Giants rivalry is back, and a couple victories for New York are severely needed. In Week 18, the two teams will close out the regular season at MetLife Stadium. Can the Giants land a jab on the team from Philly? We can't wait to find out.

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