4 early NY Giants season predictions with OTAs in full swing

Jan 21, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) throws a
Jan 21, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) throws a / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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With OTAs underway, we have gotten a better look at what the NY Giants offense and defense could look like during the 2023 season. Obviously, we can only learn so much considering how limited contact has been. However, this is the most we've seen since the end of last campaign.

Despite the lack of contact, there are a few things that have stood out in the first couple of OTA sessions. Some players have stood out, and there could be a whole new method of offense in '23 thanks in part to the new weapons added.

These are four things we can look to see out of the Giants in the 2023 season. Hopefully, the team can prove that the 2022 season wasn't a fluke and that they mean business this year:

4. Darren Waller will have a bounce-back season and make the Pro Bowl

One of the biggest moves made by Joe Schoen this offseason was his trade for Darren Waller. Not only did Schoen acquire him for just a third-round pick, but it also seems like Mike Kafka could have some big plans for Waller based on the way he's been used in OTAs thus far.

Not only could Waller have a huge season in terms of his personal stats, but the threat he brings can help open the offense up a ton. This would make things significantly easier for both Daniel Jones and the rest of the Giants receiving core. Adding this kind of player to the team's offense is what could help elevate them from an average unit, to one of the best in the league.

For Waller, though, if he can remain healthy we could be in for a monstrous season from the 30-year-old TE. Health is key, as he has played in just 20 games over the last two seasons. A healthy Waller is likely to still be a top-five tight end in the league like he was just three years ago.

We have no doubt in our minds that Waller could easily rack up 1,000+ yards and over five touchdowns as he has in seasons past. The skillset he brings to the table is something the Giants desperately need on offense. The team can't afford to have another season with a disappointing receiving core.