4 free agents the NY Giants can still target including DeAndre Hopkins

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3. WR DeAndre Hopkins

As fans, we would absolutely love to see a player like DeAndre Hopkins play for the Giants. While this is still a possibility, the odds of it happening aren't as high as one would think. Not only will Hopkins likely be more tempted to go to a better team, but he reportedly wants a ton of money. While the Giants can open up cap space, it likely wouldn't be enough for what Hopkins wants.

Regardless, if the report surrounding how much Hopkins wants this season is false, Schoen should hop on the train and sign the 30-year-old wideout. He may not be a top-three receiver like he once was, but Hopkins can easily fit the WR1 role the Giants desperately need.

In nine games played last season, Hopkins caught 64 passes for 717 yards and three touchdowns. Considering the injuries and QB talent he dealt with, these numbers are more than acceptable for Hopkins. If he posted those numbers under the circumstances he dealt with, we can only imagine how well he'd play in New York.

Signing Hopkins won't be easy, but adding a receiver of this caliber to the Giants could be enough to push them from playoff contenders to Super Bowl contenders. That may seem crazy, but people have been under selling Hopkins' talent in recent seasons and it's time people realize that he clearly still has it.