5 NY Giants targets Joe Schoen must avoid with the No. 6 overall pick

JJ McCarthy in the first round? No thanks

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2. QB Bo Nix, Oregon

Statistically speaking, there are few college quarterbacks in history that can match what Bo Nix has done in his career. However, once you look past the stats, you see a QB who very likely isn't going to be ready at the NFL level, and considering that he is 24 years old, it may not be worth gambling on an older prospect.

In 14 games at Oregon this season, Nix completed 77.3 percent of his passes for 4,450 yards, 45 touchdowns, and three interceptions. In addition to this, Nix ran the ball 34 times for 256 yards and six touchdowns. His arm and athleticism are very much not a problem with his game, in fact, these traits are what make him a potential first-round pick to begin with.

Despite this, Nix has a ton of red flags in terms of his processing, as when put in situations where his first read is taken away, Nix struggled heavily. Oregon runs a very simple offense that features plenty of screens and vertical concepts. This makes it easy for most NFL-caliber QBs to run. While this is helpful for Nix's stats and college success, it may hinder his chances of succeeding at a pro level.

With how good of a QB coach Brian Daboll is, it could be worth rolling the dice on Nix. However, it absolutely should not be with a first-round pick. Older prospects with processing issues don't have the best track record and there's a good chance that Nix simply doesn't produce in a complicated NFL system.