4 underrated moves the NY Giants have made this offseason

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The NY Giants are looking to build off their playoff season from a year ago and are looking to take that next step in becoming a threat to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East. With such a strong offseason, things are trending in the right direction for this squad.

But, with all of the moves general manager Joe Schoen and the Giants front office made, are there any that may have flown under the radar that we may not be talking about as much? Are these under-the-radar players poised to have a huge year for the Giants? Here are four underrated moves the Giants made this offseason:

4. Drafting running back Eric Gray

With many not knowing whether or not the Giants and star running back Saquon Barkley will come to terms on a long-term deal or not, the Giants got some great insurance at the running back postion. No one is really talking about this player who the Giants drafted in the fifth round in the NFL Draft out of Oklahoma: Eric Gray.

Gray is not getting a lot of attention and with questions about Barkley's future with the Giants, Gray may turn out to be a sneaky under-the-radar player that can contribute to this Giants team. During his four years in college with both Tennessee and Oklahoma, Gray rushed for over 3,000 yards and averaged over five yards per carry with 21 touchdowns. In fact, in his last year at college in 2022, Gray had a career-high in rushing with 1,366 yards with 11 touchdowns.

We are not saying he can immediately put Barkley-type numbers with the Giants if Barkley is indeed absent, but we still think he can contribute to the Giants offense. He is a very fast and elusive running back who can score a lot of touchdowns and can fit well with Mike Kafka's offensive system. This was a nice pickup in the draft by the Giants. He could make a strong impact for NY once Week 1 arrives.