4 NY Giants veterans who could get cut with the NFL Draft wrapped up

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Now that the 2023 NFL Draft is in the rearview mirror, we are starting to get a clearer picture of what the NY Giants roster and depth chart could look like entering the season. While some players have their roster spots guaranteed, others aren't so lucky.

Not only do the Giants need to clear up cap space in order to sign their rookie class, but when the time comes for them to make their final roster cuts, some veterans who have been with the team for quite some time could be let go in order to make space. These four veterans could be looking for new homes before Week 1 arrives:

4. WR Sterling Shepard

This would bring a tear to our eyes, but the fact of the matter is that football is a business, and with all the WR acquisitions made by Joe Schoen through both the draft and free agency, there is a pretty solid chance that Sterling Shepard is let go of before the season starts.

While Shepard likely could still be a productive player, releasing him would save the Giants around $1 million in cap space. Considering that the Giants need around $2.5 million to sign their rookie class, Shepard could be one of the first out the door unfortunately.

Everyone knows how good of a player Shepard is, however, he has suffered two devastating lower-body injuries in the last two seasons. Not only is it questionable whether or not he'll be healthy by the time the season starts, but his level of play likely won't be the same as it was in years past. In addition to this, the addition of rookies like Jalin Hyatt and Bryce Ford-Wheaton could push Shepard even further down the depth chart.

Shepard will almost undoubtedly be productive for another team if he is released. While it would be heartbreaking to see such a great human being leave New York, Shepard may, unfortunately, become a cap casualty before we know it.