4 NY Giants who impressed (and 1 who didn't) in bringing the Packers back to reality

What an upset win for the Giants

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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Tommy Cutlets keeps proving his doubters wrong and we love to see it

Every week, Tommy DeVito just keeps proving me wrong. While he isn't the future of the Giants at QB, he's easily shown that he can be a backup QB for any team moving forward. Not to mention, he's now 3-1 as a starter, has won three games in a row, and has arguably looked like the Giants' best quarterback all season.

In this game, DeVito showed immense progression with his abilities to break down defenses and his overall pocket presence as well. A lot of plays that would have been sacks in prior weeks, DeVito turned into runs, which would help explain why he had 10 carries for 71 yards.

Alongside this, DeVito made some great plays when throwing the ball as well, one of which, was a beautiful end-zone throw to Isaiah Hodgins. Not only was DeVito avoiding pressure while rolling out right, but he placed the ball perfectly to Hodgins who had a defender all over him.

DeVito ended the game completing 17 of his 21 pass attempts for 158 yards and a touchdown. Not only did he lead New York to their third straight win, but he hasn't turned the ball over once in this span. The story of DeVito has been one of the best the league has had to offer this season.