4 NY Giants who let the team down in 31-16 loss to the Dolphins

The Giants are not 1-4 on the year and the season feels lost

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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2. OT Evan Neal

It seems like every week, Evan Neal finds himself on one of these lists and it's really been disappointing to see the complete lack of progression from him thus far. Now, with the way he talked about Giants fans earlier this week, it seems like there will be more heat than ever on the second-year tackle.

Through 46 pass-blocking snaps, Neal allowed six pressures, earning a PFF pass-blocking grade of 40.7. All game long Neal looked incapable of reading basic defensive stunts and the Dolphins' defense took advantage of it. Take a look at this play below and get ready to be upset once again. What was he doing here?

At this point, the Giants have to do something about Neal. Whether it's benching him, moving him to guard, or maybe even shifting him back to left tackle if Thomas continues to miss games, something must change. Neal has been nothing short of disastrous for the Giants and Daboll cannot continue to allow him to ruin the team's offense every week.

Maybe the backlash Neal has received from the comments he made toward fans will be a wake-up call for him heading into the rest of the season. For now, though, that's all the hope we have. Through 18 games, Neal has shown no progression as a player and it has us incredibly worried about what the future could hold for him on the Giants.