4 NY Giants who need more playing time in the season finale

Brian Daboll needs to give these guys more reps vs. the Eagles

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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2. WR Jalin Hyatt

We've seen Jalin Hyatt be used as a deep threat a good bit this season. However, it would be nice to see if the third-round pick has what it takes to potentially be a more well-rounded receiver. With it being the final week of the season, there's no better time to experiment with what Hyatt can do in the short/intermediate route game.

Hyatt has had some bad drops this season while running these routes, but that doesn't mean he isn't entirely capable of being this type of player. In fact, giving him more reps in this area will likely help him develop these abilities a ton for the future.

Even if they don't give Hyatt more intermediate routes, it would probably be in the Giants' best interest to give the rookie some opportunities to kill the Eagles down the field. The deep ball has been working very well the last two weeks and giving Hyatt chances to make plays would be beneficial for everyone.

It would have been nice to see Hyatt on the field more this season, but limitations due to some poor QB play hurt what could have been an incredible rookie campaign. For now, though, let's just hope Hyatt can go out with a bang and have some momentum going into the 2024 season.