4 NY Giants who should be benched after horrible showing vs. Seahawks

Major changes are needed for the G-Men moving forward

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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1. RT Evan Neal

We know he's just a sophomore, but through 17 career games, Evan Neal has failed to show any amount of progression, and with the stakes the Giants have this season, they may wish to try someone new at right tackle. It would be nice to keep giving Neal chances, but with how atrocious he's been through four weeks, the Giants can't afford to keep him out there.

Neal has looked slow out of his initial step, his hands have been all over the place, and don't even get me started on his balance. These are all issues we were hoping to see solved heading into the season, but they haven't. There may not be many "better" players behind Neal, but at this rate, it seems like anyone could be better at tackle than him.

In four games, Neal has allowed 20 pressures and one sack, earning a PFF pass-blocking grade of 40.6. Honestly, this grade might be a bit generous. The amount of plays we've seen of Neal where he looks lost, out of place, or just too slow to keep up with an edge rusher are too much to count.

However, all may not be lost for Neal. A good way to work around his lack of burst off his step could be to try shifting him to guard. This would allow him to eat on the interior against bigger, but slower defensive linemen. It may not work out, but we doubt it would be any worse than the way he's played at tackle.