4 NY Giants who silenced their haters in the Week 11 win

These 4 NY Giants were key pieces in getting the team back on track in Week 11

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
New York Giants v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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1. Tommy DeVito

Last, and certainly not least, is DeVito. The Cedar Grove, N.J. native has taken the narrative of the "hometown kid" and run with it. With reports emerging that DeVito is still the recipient of homemade chicken cutlets and his mother doing his laundry - DeVito has made national headlines first for his living situation and now for his Week 11 performance.

What stood out most on Sunday was DeVito's confidence. Playing free and being willing to let it loose served DeVito well as he continues his fight to remain the Giants quarterback through the rest of the season. With 253 total yards and three touchdowns, DeVito is not making any decision easy for Brian Daboll.

With the Giants continuing to try to make the most out of a disappointing season, look for the G-Men to continue playing hard-nosed football as the season comes to the home stretch. DeVito is going to get another start on Sunday and people are hopeful he can power this team to another win, this time against the Pats.