Odell Beckham Jr. shows Jalin Hyatt major love for taking his No. 13 jersey

OBJ is all for the rookie donning No. 13 for the G-Men moving forward

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Rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt made a ton of noise on Wednesday afternoon. The NY Giants wideout had been rocking the No. 84 jersey this summer, but he had hinted at a change. That change arrived this week, with Hyatt making the switch to No. 13.

Yes, the same jersey number as his childhood idol, Odell Beckham Jr. Fans haven't stopped talking about this decision, as it's certainly going to put some extra pressure on Hyatt to live up to the hype. OBJ has no doubt that the 6-0, 185-pounder will be able to make magic happen.

On Wednesday night, Beckham took to social media to show Hyatt some love, posting 'ROCK OUT ONE THREE @JalinHyatt.' OBJ's ready to see him make loads of plays at MetLife Stadium now that he's going to be sporting No. 13 for Big Blue.

Jalin Hyatt will look to make Odell Beckham Jr. proud this season

If you're Hyatt, seeing that reaction from Beckham must have made his day. Again, Hyatt looked up to Beckham when he was a youngster and that's still the case to this day. When Beckham surprised Hyatt with a video clip shortly after he was drafted, the former Tennessee star couldn't stop smiling.

Now, he's living a dream in being able to wear the same jersey number as Beckham too. This is something so many people imagined doing when they were little boys or girls and now Hyatt has been able to make it happen. That must be an incredible feeling for him.

Hyatt took home Biletnikoff Winner honors last season, awarded to the best college wide receiver in the country. He fell to the third round and the Giants traded up to land him. Giants supporters are going to be keeping a close eye on him to see what he can get done in '23. It looks like Beckham will also be following his development in East Rutherford pretty darn closely too.

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