Watch Odell Beckham Jr. rip the Giants over Cleveland trade out of nowhere

Odell remains unhappy about Dave Gettleman trading him

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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After winning a Super Bowl with the Rams in February of 2022, Odell Beckham Jr., a former fan favorite for the NY Giants, has a chance to win another ring this winter with the Ravens. Countless people in New Jersey are hoping the best for the former first-round pick.

However, a lot of folks are still wondering what would have been if the G-Men and Dave Gettleman never traded him to the Browns in 2019. While speaking on the Punch Line Podcast this week, Beckham brought things up and he clearly has a lot of anger towards Gettleman:

Odell Beckham called out the Giants for trading him to the Browns in 2019

"There's a bit of me that feels like the Giants - and I've said it before - sent me off to Cleveland to die. I could have went to the 49ers, I could have went to the Patriots, I could have went to teams that had a chance to be great and that's not what their desire was. Their desire - you can't tell me that this was the best trade package we could get for you. No, you're desire was to, you know, kind of fu** me over a little bit."

Beckham didn't hold back and you can tell from that quote that he holds a lot of ill will towards Gettleman for how he treated him. Looking back at things, the Giants received a first-round pick and a third-round pick, while also adding safety Jabrill Peppers and offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler. The Browns received OBJ and Olivier Vernon.

With that first-rounder, the Giants went on to select defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence, who has brought home All-Pro honors in back-to-back seasons. In the end, things worked out alright for the Giants, but fans are still furious that Beckham was dealt.

The stud wideout was hoping to go to a contender, but things could not have gone worse for him in Cleveland. There was the whole Baker Mayfield drama that led to the Browns cutting Beckham, which opened the door for him to join LA and win a Super Bowl with the NFC West side.

This past offseason, there was some buzz that perhaps Big Blue general manager Joe Schoen could bring Beckham back to East Rutherford, but the speedster ended up signing with the Ravens instead. Giants Nation will always have a ton of love for old No. 13, but this latest interview just makes Gettleman look even worse for all the mistakes he made while in charge.