Jabrill Peppers caught ripping own team to Saquon Barkley after Giants win over Patriots

Patriots fans are not happy with Peppers for what he told Barkley

New England Patriots v New York Giants
New England Patriots v New York Giants / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Once a Giant, always a Giant. That's what fans are thinking these days, as Jabrill Peppers has brought a ton of joy into our lives after he has been caught red-handed for what he had to say about the New England Patriots on Sunday.

After the NY Giants took down the AFC East side 10-7 at MetLife Stadium, Peppers made his way to the field to hug former NY teammate Saquon Barkley. As the two were embracing, Peppers blasted the Patriots, sending a four-word message to Barkley that has people up in arms:

Jabrill Peppers ripping the Patriots after losing to the Giants is pure gold

This is pretty dang funny from Peppers and Barkley was laughing as soon as he heard what he had to say. People all over Massachusetts are having a different take on things, as they couldn't believe Peppers would call out his teammates like that.

Hey, it's hard to argue with what Peppers had to see here, though, as New England has been a huge mess this year. Former first-round pick Mac Jones looked terrible once again in Week 12, leading to head man Bill Belichick sending him to the bench for the second half after throwing two interceptions.

The Pats decided to send out Bailey Zappe to start the third quarter and yeah, things didn't get much better for the NE offense. The Giants defense, which Peppers used to be part of, put on a show and helped the G-Men take home the close victory.

Barkley had an off day, but that didn't matter in this one. The Patriots were indeed a** like Peppers said and the missed field goal to try and force overtime sailed wide - rock bottom for the New England fans. Well, Peppers latest comments about the team might be rock bottom for them.