4 offensive linemen the NY Giants should prioritize in free agency

These players can help fix the Giants offensive line that has been in disarray for nearly a decade.

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1. OG Robert Hunt

Ranking as Pro Football Focus' 27th best free agent prospect, Robert Hunt will undoubtedly have many teams vying for his services in 2024. Hunt is known to many for starring in one of the funniest clips on the internet, where Hunt caught a screen pass and extended the ball into the endzone mid-somersault. Remember this play from 2021?

While there is so much to unpack in that crazy play, nothing sticks out more than Hunt's athleticism. Most 330-pound guys simply can't contort their bodies like that. His agility and other-worldly physical skills have transformed him into one of the best guards in the NFL.

After a successful career as a tackle for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, Hunt entered the NFL alternating between right and left tackle for the Dolphins. Since making the full-time change to guard in 2020, Hunt has been stellar and hasn't looked back.

If there is any trend in the four targets for the Giants, they all have a history of versatility and durability. After another great season in 2023 that saw Hunt earn a 75.1 pass-block grade, there is no doubt he will look to cash in big in free agency.

With injuries and poor play creating a never-ending carousel for the Giants' O-Line, it's time for the team to step out of their comfort zone and spend the big bucks on a solidified stud. With Thomas and Schmitz having bright futures ahead, look for the Giants' to continue building around them and giving their QB a proper chance to shine.