Overhead angle of Giants-Bills brawl shows Leonard Williams losing his dang mind

The stud DL had to use all his energy to not deliver another massive blow

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

With the way the season has gone for the NY Giants in 2023, it's easy to understand why some guys might be beyond frustrated. Things have not gone according to plan and Sunday's loss to the Bills now has this team at 1-5. Leonard Williams is ticked off and you know what, it's nice to see him show some anger.

Such was the case in Week 6, with No. 99 losing his mind on a play near the goal line. You certainly saw the Giants-Bills melee during the action. What you might have missed was Williams absolutely rocking a Bills offensive lineman and then nearly going for a little more:

Leonard Williams showing some fire against the Bills was needed

When watching that clip, with the overhead angle, you can see Williams getting fired up and letting the Bills player have it. Not only that, but Williams looked like he was ready to send a MAJOR blow as he was lying on the turf.

Thankfully, though, Williams showcased some restraint and held back from throwing a haymaker. Had he done that, the Giants would have been without him for the rest of the game, as he surely would have been ejected for sending such a strike.

In the end, the Bills landed the final blow on the G-Men, pulling off a 14-9 win in thrilling fashion. We're still upset about the non-call at the end of the game when Darren Waller was clearly held in the end zone, but hey, it's time to move on to the next contest.

That next game will be this Sunday at MetLife Stadium, with the Giants in desperate need of a win vs. Washington. It's unknown if Daniel Jones will be able to play or not, but the hope is that Wink Martindale's defense can post another strong showing. Williams will be ready to make plenty of noise too. He's sick of losing and wants to help change things for this team ASAP.