6 pending free agents the NY Giants should let walk in 2024

There's no need for Joe Schoen to bring these guys back next season

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3. WR Parris Campbell

One of, if not the biggest disappointments from this season has been the play of Parris Campbell, who was thought to be a potential game-changer for the Giants once he was signed. Since then, he's done nothing but stink it up. Sure, the situation isn't ideal, but Campbell has been given several opportunities to showcase his talents and has failed to almost every time.

In 12 games, Campbell has 20 receptions for104 yards and zero touchdowns. Not only is he one of the worst YAC receivers in the league, but he just struggles overall to do much of anything on the field. This has led to a decrease in snaps as the season's gone on to the point where he hasn't seen more than 15 snaps since Week 4.

For the sake of defending Campbell, I will say that he hasn't exactly been used right. In years past, he was used as a deep threat who would simply outrun his defenders from the slot. Now, in New York, he's been used as a short-yardage threat, which is where he really struggles. Regardless, he simply hasn't been producing and it's a problem.

Fortunately for the Giants, his contract expires this offseason. This means they can let the veteran walk and find an actual upgrade at wide receiver. It's unfortunate that Campbell didn't work out, but it's time for both sides to focus on the future elsewhere.