6 pending free agents the NY Giants should let walk in 2024

There's no need for Joe Schoen to bring these guys back next season

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2. CB Adoree' Jackson

While Adoree' Jackson has been solid for the majority of his tenure in New York, this season he hasn't lived up to his expectations and it's had some pretty negative effects on the Giants' defense. It could be worth bringing him back on a cheaper deal this offseason, but for the sake of developing those aforementioned young corners, it may be better to let him walk.

Not only will not retaining Jackson give more opportunities for Flott and Hawkins, but it would save a good bit of money as well. He likely won't make a ton on his next contract, but with the Giants not having a ton of cap space this offseason, saving any money possible could be worth it.

Through nine games, Jackson has allowed 31 receptions on 43 targets for 408 yards, one touchdown, and four pass breakups. Jackson was close to being a Pro Bowl player last season, but this time around he simply hasn't been very good and we don't know where it all went wrong.