Ranking the 5 biggest NY Giants busts midway through the season

A year that had so much promise has gone to waste for the New York Giants

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2. OT Evan Neal

Whether you want to label him a draft bust, or a season bust, both titles work for Evan Neal right now. To put it simply, Neal has been a disaster during his time in the NFL and while there's still time to turn it around, the Giants cannot be happy with how he's playing and may consider replacing him this offseason.

Through seven games, Neal has allowed two sacks and 30 pressures. While he's gotten better at allowing sacks, he's still allowing roughly the same amount of pressures as he did all of last season, in around 140 fewer pass-blocking snaps. All of this, combined with his comments made toward fans earlier in the season, has everyone fed up and ready to move on.

Neal can still shock us all and improve next season, but is it worth trusting that he will? Realistically, he's shown little-to-no signs of improvement since being drafted and with how questionable of a coach Bobby Johnson is, we doubt this trend changes in Year 3.

Who knows what the future has in store for the 23-year-old tackle, but with all of the veteran free agents and options in this year's draft, Neal's time at RT could be limited. Could Brian Daboll move him to guard? It's something people have been calling for.