Re-grading the NY Giants 2023 rookie class after Week 10's nightmare vs. Dallas

Outside of the Deonte Banks and JMS, the rookies have disappointed

Washington Commanders v New York Giants
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Round 7, Pick 243: DT Jordon Riley, D+

It's really tough to judge Jordon Riley thus far as not only is he a seventh-round pick with little expectations, but he was also drafted and thrown into one of the deepest IDLs in the NFL. Regardless, I still have hope for Riley. While he hasn't seen the field much during his rookie season, there have been several occasions in which Giants Defensive Line Coach Andre Patterson has praised the rookie.

This, alongside his solid play in the preseason, has us wondering if Patterson plans to make him a bigger part of this defensive unit moving forward. While it's doubtful considering how deep the Giants are in this position, it will still be an interesting scenario to watch unfold.

Round 7, Pick 254: S Gervarrius Owens, D

Just like Riley, Gervarrius Owens is also very difficult to judge. He is also a seventh-round pick and has yet to see a defensive snap in the regular season. This, combined with how well both Xavier McKinney and Jason Pinnock have played this season, has us doubtful if Owens will ever consistently see the field.

Despite this, Owens did have a very solid preseason in which he did showcase potential. In these three games, he racked up 14 combined tackles while allowing just one reception on four targets for eight yards and two pass breakups.

Who knows what the future has in store for Owens and Riley. Perhaps, as the season goes on and the Giants are statistically eliminated from the playoffs, we see them receive more snaps in order to test their potential. For now, though, it's not looking too hot for the seventh-rounders.