4 realistic free agents the NY Giants could sign in 2024

Will Joe Schoen end up signing any of these guys?
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2. WR Gabriel Davis

Depending on how other teams value him, Gabriel Davis could be a little pricey for the Giants. Realistically, though, we can see a world where the Giants get him on somewhat of a bargain and Davis becomes a genuine contributor for an offense that needs one.

As of right now, Davis isn't a complete receiver, but the Giants don't really need him to be one. His abilities as a deep threat and potential to have a monster game every now and then would bring a certain level of dynamism to the Giants' offense that they didn't have last season. While this all depends on whether or not Daniel Jones wants to actually throw the ball deep in 2024, it's still a risk worth taking.

In 17 games last season, Davis caught 45 passes for 746 yards and seven touchdowns. He wasn't perfect and had some pretty rough moments, but so did everyone else on the Bills, so a change in environment could be a benefit for the 24-year-old wideout.

Who knows what Davis will get this offseason, but if it's in the range of what the Giants can afford, it may be worth taking a risk. Adding a player with this much big-play potential can be a real game-changer for New York.