4 reasons the Eagles are going nowhere even if they beat the Giants on Sunday

The Eagles are looking terrible of late and fans are frustrated

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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1. Jalen Hurts doesn't look like himself

Once a front-runner in MVP talks and looking like a similar unstoppable version of his last year's self, Jalen Hurts has hit a rough patch. Against the Cardinals, he displayed hesitation and second-guessing, raising concerns about his confidence. Speaking on ESPN's First Take, former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky expressed doubt about Hurts' trust in the offensive line's protection.

"In this offense right now with Jalen, it doesn't look like Jalen has a ton of confidence. I feel more confidence and trust in Dak Prescott, I feel more confidence and trust in Brock Purdy, I feel more confidence and trust in Matthew Stafford."

Dan Orlovsky

This insight sheds light on Hurts' current struggles. His dual-threat capabilities, a combination of rushing and passing, have been a trademark of his success, but with an inconsistent offensive line attracting penalties, Hurts lacks the freedom to play as confidently as before.

Despite Hurts' elite status, questions arise about the wisdom of his recent five-year contract extension, especially if crucial offensive line talent continues to dwindle. Last season's powerhouse roster, filled with dominant players, has been reduced due to free agency and trades, leaving Hurts with diminished support.

The offseason will reveal how the Eagles address these challenges, aiming to maximize the prime of Hurts' career by surrounding him with sufficient talent and options. As for this season, we just don't see Philly making a ton of noise in the postseason.