Here's why Saquon Barkley wearing his Giants helmet in workouts is good for both sides

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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As we creep closer to that July 17 deadline date for the NY Giants and Saquon Barkley, all eyes remain on both sides.

With Barkley being placed on the non-exclusive franchise tag in March, it has given the Giants all this time to try and negotiate a deal with the Pro Bowler. Barkley's been reportedly unhappy about having the tag placed upon him, but there is still over a month to get something done.

With the Giants holding both voluntary workouts, as well as Organized Team Activities, Barkley has been missing in action because he has yet to sign the tag, and it doesn't appear like he will anytime soon, as his side would likely prefer to have a done deal in place before the start of training camp.

With that said, if Barkley's social media posts on Instagram have anything to say about things, it could be good news if you want Barkley back in the thick of things for the Giants heading into the 2023 season.

NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley is in incredible shape these days

While some think this could all be for nothing, let's dig into it a bit. Saquon has been in a contract dispute with the Giants that remains deadlocked for the time being, as neither side has been able to move things forward as we get closer to that July 17 deadline.

Yet, Barkley, who is clearly trying to remain in football shape as the 2023 season gets closer, is wearing his Giants helmet. He could have easily of worn a Penn State helmet, his alma mater. Or, he could have worn a generic helmet, which could have really sent shockwaves and a signal to the league and to the Giants.

And yet, Barkley is wearing the helmet of the team that he once said that he wanted to remain a member of for the duration of his career. Even during a contract dispute that is still ongoing, Barkley is wearing Giants colors.

For the Giants, this has to be a good sign for them, as the perception is that Barkley does want to remain with the team, he doesn't want to hold out, and he would like to play for the team in 2023. Granted, he still wants to get paid, and get paid like the top running back he is and has been since his arrival in the league back in 2018.

Maybe Barkley's side will realize that the Giants are his best bet to get paid now, and they must work things out with the team so that Barkley can meet up with his teammates and get to work.

While the countdown to the July 17 deadline continues, maybe these workout photos from Barkley are a sign that this will all work out in the end and both sides will come to an agreement to not only keep Barkley with the Giants in 2023, but beyond. It would be a resolution that the majority of the Giants fan base has been waiting for since March and one that they hope comes very soon.

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