Saquon Barkley looks totally ripped in new workout photos

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Just because he hasn't been with the NY Giants during OTAs, that doesn't mean running back Saquon Barkley hasn't been grinding to stay in shape. Barkley, one of the best running backs in the game, is primed to have a huge 2023 campaign.

However, general manager Joe Schoen still needs to try and get things done with the Pro Bowler in terms of an extension. For now, Barkley is set to play on the non-exclusive franchise tag, which he isn't too happy about.

While all of the contract drama is worked out, Barkley indeed has been putting in a lot of time on his own to stay in shape. Barkley took to social media to give fans an inside peak of what he's been up to - and No. 26 is looking pretty ripped:

NY Giants RB Saquon Barkley looks fantastic in his offseason workouts

Barkley has been taking care of his body, with a six pack on full display. Just because he's been away from his teammates, you knew Barkley wasn't going to just be sitting at home or relaxing on the golf course.

Instead, he's focused on making sure he's ready to rock for whenever he (knock on wood) makes his way back to East Rutherford to start getting ready for the '23 campaign. In a perfect world, Schoen and Barkley can meet in the middle and put this contract saga behind them.

The Giants have previously offered Saquon multiple deals, but they didn't match what the talented RB was looking for. Barkley isn't expected to be on hand for mandatory mini-camp next week, which is a bummer. It's up in the air what will happen once training camp arrives this summer too.

We don't want to see Barkley be a holdout. No one does. For now, we can only hope some good news comes sooner than later on him putting the pen to paper on a new contract.

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