Even Tiki Barber knows the NY Giants signing Russell Wilson would be a mistake

Joe Schoen can't make a move to bring in Russell Wilson
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Now that the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson are officially parting ways following the worst trade in NFL history, the Super Bowl winner is now free to sign with anyone he wants. As you might have been able to guess, rumors are already swirling the NY Giants could be interested in him.

This isn't the first time Wilson has been linked to the Giants, but come on, there's just no way general manager Joe Schoen is going to bring him to East Rutherford, right? You never know, but Big Blue legend Tiki Barber seems pretty convinced that NY signing the veteran QB would be a mistake:

Russell Wilson to the Giants rumors have already started up this offseason

The Giants just spent time at the NFL Combine researching the top quarterback prospects. There's strong belief that the G-Men could move up into the Top 3 to grab Drake Maye, Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels. J.J. McCarthy at No. 6 is something to watch too.

Barber understands Wilson still has some gas left in the tank, but he also wasn't convinced watching him play this past season. That's why he thinks it could be wiser for Schoen and Co. to draft a young QB to push Jones for the starting job/replace him for the long haul over bringing in an aging Wilson.

"Teams are figuring out what their quarterback situations are and Russ is probably not at the top of their list. We're getting a young guy or we're getting Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields. Right now, you're in the offseason, the Combine has just happened. You have these ridiculously high goals and expectations for your team even if they're unrealistic and throwing a middling quarterback over the last couple of years into the mix, it doesn't inspire you."

Tiki Barber

Wilson is getting ready for his 13th season and he'll be joining his third NFL franchise. After nine Pro Bowl seasons with Seattle, he arrived in Denver looking to bring a Super Bowl to the Mile High City, but the fit never was a strong one. He's ready for his next challenge, but Schoen having him compete to be the starter isn't the right call. Investing in a young signal-caller to potentially replace Jones sure feels like the better decision here and Barber agrees.