NFL Rumors: Decision coming soon on TNF flex plan John Mara called 'abusive '

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Elsa/GettyImages

There's simply no way owners across the NFL are going to vote this in, right? According to The Athletic, a vote will be taking place next week on whether or not Thursday Night Football games will be flexed in for teams instead of playing on Sunday afternoons.

This was previously voted on in March, and a lot of people were furious about even the thought of things coming to fruition. Among those angry was NY Giants owner John Mara, who went as far as to call the idea abusive. There's no question that Mara will be voting against this absurd flex plan. Will others follow suit?

NFL owners will vote next week on flexing Thursday Night Football games

There's just no way this can pass. Per The Athletic, the league was two votes short of getting things passed the first time around. Now, it looks like Roger Goodell and Co. are hoping that several owners will change their mind next week.

Last year, the ratings for Thursday Night Football were awful. Not only that, but some of the matchups that people were forced to watch were horrendous. You're not alone if you turned off the embarrassing football action to watch old episodes of Seinfeld instead.

The Giants are already scheduled for one Thursday Night Football game this campaign, as they'll be taking on the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara in Week 3 for TNF. This will come after their Week 2 showdown at the Arizona Cardinals.

That's a quick turnaround as it is. The rest of the schedule features four more primetime showdowns following the matchup in SF. However, Mara would like to keep things that way and he doesn't want any game to be 'flexed' in. We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed that this rule isn't changed and we don't have to worry about it moving forward.

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