Veteran NY Giants WR has one foot out the door with 3 games left in the season

Things just didn't work out for the exciting offseason signing

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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It wasn't supposed to be this way for NY Giants wideout Parris Campbell. When it was announced that the G-Men had signed him to a one-year deal, fans assumed the speedster would be able to flourish in Brian Daboll's system.

The opposite has been the case, as Campbell has been a complete and total bust. So much in fact, he's even been a healthy scratch for recent contests. Who in the world thought that'd be the case? Looking ahead to the future, Campbell himself knows he'll likely be playing elsewhere next season. He made that much clear in an interview with The New York Post's Ryan Dunleavy.

Parris Campbell is keeping his head up despite a rough 2023 with the Giants

"I’m going to do everything the exact same. During free agency, the market was kind of slow for receivers, but the Giants gave me an opportunity — and that’s all I want. Yeah, money is nice. Yeah, this or that is nice. This coming offseason, whoever is interested in me and wants to give me an opportunity, I’ll take it.

Parris Campbell to Ryan Dunleavy

On the season, Campbell has been limited to only 20 receptions for 104 yards and no touchdowns. Campbell was coming off a career-best season for the Colts in 2022, posting 61 receptions for 623 yards and three touchdowns.

The potential was there for him to have a big-time season for the Giants, but the opposite has been the case. To his credit, Campbell continues to work hard in practice and he's not going to cause any kind of a scene over his lack of playing time.

However, you can't help but wonder what exactly when wrong for him with the Giants. This season has a whole has been a major disappointment with the team at 5-9 entering the Christmas Day showdown with the Eagles. Campbell not getting the job done for NY is high on the list for biggest disappointments of the year, no question.