Watch Will Ferrell take Tom Brady down with Eli Manning-NY Giants joke

NY Giants fans won't disagree with Ferrell here!
New York Giants v New England Patriots
New York Giants v New England Patriots / Jared Wickerham/GettyImages

He'll go down as the greatest to ever play the game - unless Patrick Mahomes has something to say about things. We're talking about Tom Brady, who has set the bar with his seven Super Bowl rings, the most in NFL history. It's funny to think that TB12 could have had 10.

He lost one Super Bowl to the Eagles and also couldn't get the job done TWICE against the NY Giants and Eli Manning. Manning owns Brady, right? You've got that straight. Just ask Will Ferrell about that, as he reminded Brady of that in the best way possible during his roast. Yup, this is something Giants Nation is going to be talking about for quite some time:

Giants fans loved Will Ferrell roasting Tom Brady over two Super Bowl losses to NY

Making an appearance as the one and only Ron Burgundy, Ferrell indeed reminded Brady of the two February losses he had to Manning and Co. Those two Super Bowl wins for the Giants were quite improbable, including the one during the 2007 campaign.

In that game, the Patriots were perfect up to that point, but Manning helped the G-Men do the unthinkable. The David Tyree catch in that Giants win will always be remembered, with Mahomes even considering that NY upset one of the best moments in football history. We won't argue with him there.

Brady was able to accomplish so much in his career, but the Giants simply knew how to get the best of him when a Lombardi Trophy was on the line. It's something that Big Blue supporters are always going to remind him about too.

Thanks to Ferrell/Burgundy, the Brady roast was made even more special. We're sure Manning and other members of those Super Bowl-winning teams got a kick out of it as well. How could they not?