Who is playing Thursday Night Football?

We've officially reached the second half of the season for the NFL

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers
Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

It's going to be a few more days for NY Giants fans to see their favorite team in action, but come Thursday night, we'll have a primetime look at the 2023 No. 1 overall pick Bryce Young. That's right, he and the Carolina Panthers are all set to take on the Chicago Bears.

This may not be the kind of blockbuster showdown that people were hoping for to start the new week of action, but there's no denying that both of these teams have plenty of young talent. So, who will end up coming out on top?

Will Justin Fields start for the Chicago Bears on Thursday?

If you were hoping to see Justin Fields go up against Young on Thursday, sorry, it's not going to happen. Fields has been listed as doubtful for this contest, with rookie Tyson Bagent yet to receive another start.

Bagent has done his best to keep this offense moving, but we've seen in recent weeks that he's not up to the task to lead the O each game day - fans can't wait for Fields to get himself back on the field. Meanwhile for Young, he's coming off a tough showing against the Colts in Week 9.

Last Sunday, Young tossed three interceptions against Indy. He finished with only 173 passing yards and a meaningless TD. With Young struggling, it certainly hurts to see fellow first-rounder CJ Stroud look sensational for the Houston Texans. Will Young get things moving in the right direction vs. the Bears? We're about to find out.