Wink Martindale doesn't sound confident he'll be back with the NY Giants in 2024

Losing Martindale would be a big blow for the G-Men in '24

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What's going to end up happening with Wink Martindale this offseason? Everything seems like it's unknown for the veteran defensive coordinator. Since early on this season, there's been plenty of speculation Wink could be on his way out due to beef with head man Brian Daboll.

The two have tried to quiet down the rumors, but plenty of NY Giants fans think their relationship is fractured. Despite that, Martindale has once again proven his worth this campaign and people want to see him back on the sidelines in 2024. When asked if that's going to be the case, Martindale wasn't too convincing in saying that he expects to be back with the G-Men:

Wink Martindale said tough conversations will be on the way regarding his Giants future

Martindale saying 'I don't know why I wouldn't' on terms of returning next season sounded nice, but the fact that he backed things up by saying tough conversations are on the way has raised eyebrows. Yes, these talks are held every offseason, but things are feeling a bit different this time around.

Daboll and Martindale don't appear to be on the same page, but come on, they've got to resolve their differences for the team. Having said that, Martindale has always dreamed of becoming a head coach and there's a chance he could land some interviews down the road too.

If Martindale is offered a HC job, then sure, we'd understand him leaving - but if this all boils down to him having issues with Daboll and he takes a defensive coordinator position elsewhere, then that's going to be a massive disappointment.

Martindale has one of the best defensive minds in the NFL and he has made quite the impact for the Giants during his two years with the squad. Trying to replace Martindale would be a tall task. While we trust Daboll to make the right decision, bringing Martindale back must be a top priority for him this offseason.