3 worst calls from refs in brutal NY Giants loss to Bills

The officials were a joke in the Giants-Bills game on SNF

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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1. The no-call on Darren Waller to end the game in heartbreaking fashion

Whether you agree with Mike Kafka's final play call to potentially win the game or not, there's no ignoring the blatantly obvious defensive holding penalty that was not called on Bills corner Taron Johnson. He may have made a great play initially to stay with Waller, but anything after that was a penalty that we cannot believe the refs didn't call.

Johnson held Waller's other arm down, preventing him from having a fair chance at getting the ball. How on earth is that not holding or pass interference? Despite the clear penalty, Waller handled this problem like a true leader and said he needed to go up and make a play for his team. Still, come on, this should have been a flag.

The refs haven't been on the Giants' side this season, which is very disheartening to see given the amount of disadvantages they've already had to play with due to injuries. Regardless, this was a great game from the Giants that saw them be way more competitive than many initially thought. Still, these three terrible calls, including the missed one on Waller, will be discussed for a while.