GMEN HQ – Rankings Review (Week 14)


When you page Dr. Jekyll, you get Mr. Hyde, and vice versa. That seems to be the trend with the New York Giants in the second half of this 2012 season. After coming out and losing a game they really needed to win Monday Night, vs. the Washington Redskins, the Giants, at home, dismantled the New Orleans Saints 52-27. The 52 points scored by New York was the most points the franchise has put up since 1986.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sunday’s game was the way it played out. Sure, they had a four-touchdown performance from QB Eli Manning. Sure, they had an eight catches for 121 yds. and a score from wide out Victor Cruz, but this game ball, undoubtedly goes to rookie David Wilson.

Right from the opening kickoff (Wilson returned it to New Orleans 46 yard line) this kid came to play. With Andre Brown on IR, Amhad Bradshaw nicked up, David Wilson knew he was going to get his shot, and boy did he take advantage. Wilson changed the game with his returns, oh and by the way he had 100 rushing yards and two scores, including a 52 yard run, a run that I’m pretty sure Usain Bolt couldn’t catch up to. Wilson finished with 327 all-purpose yards and three scores. That set a new team mark for the Giants.

His performance couldn’t have come at a better time. Giants players, along with the fans watched anxiously as the both Washington, Dallas and even Philadelphia, rallied with game winning field goals to really put the pressure on New York. It looked promising as Baltimore took and eight point lead into the final minutes against Washington, not to mention an injured Robert Griffin, but Kirk Cousins rallied the ‘Skins to win. Cincinnati had a couple chances to put the game away, failed to do so and Dallas hit a game wining field goal as time expired. No one really cares about Philadelphia’s win, but it was pretty unbelievable. Nonetheless, things could have gotten really hairy if the Giants went out and laid an egg against a sporadic Saints team.

The road to the playoffs continues its tough, rocky path for the Giants. They’re heading down to south to play the NFC’s best (record wise) the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is a completely different team at home, so needless to say the Giants will have their work cut out for them. Dallas could have a tough game going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re a team that resembles the Giants Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde look. However, Dallas could be without star wide out Dez Bryant, who has a broken finger. Washington goes up against the Cleveland Browns, which not judging by their record can be a difficult team to get around. The Browns may have the luxury of watching RGIII on the sidelines in street clothes. Griffin sprained his knee in the fourth quarter against Baltimore last week. It’s unclear whether he’ll play or not.

The Giants truly control their own destiny, it’s simply win and you’re in.

Lets see what the “experts” think.

ESPN 7(10)

"Are they back in championship form? Road tests in Atlanta and Baltimore will be telling. (Graziano)"

To someone who followed these rankings and the synopsis of them, you’d think Dan Graziano has been spending time in Washington state or Colorado. Look he’s probably just as baffled as the rest of the world when it comes to the Giants. One week they look like a wild card bubble team, the next week they look like the best team in the NFL. It s a good question, are the Giants backs against the wall so much that they’re taking the annual form of a SUPER team? What better way to find out then on the road, against the NFC’s top team and one of the top teams in the AFC?

FOX Sports 7(12)

"If the NFL puts eliminating kickoffs up for vote, the New York Giants will be the first to oppose it. (Billick)"

Its funny that a day or two after the rumors came out of the NFL’s competition committee exploring an idea of eliminating the kick off the Giants and David Wilson (even Jerrel Jernigan) literally used numerous kickoffs to constantly swing momentum in their favor. The kick off played such an integral part in that game; I don’t know how the subject could even be discussed further after watching it.

CBS Sports 7(11)

"The offense had to come alive, and the Saints were the perfect tonic. David Wilson’s speed has to be used more on offense. (Priscoe)"

I think for Giants fans and NFL fans, it became clear why New York used a first round pick on David Wilson. It may have taken a little longer to realize it, but this kid is so fast and shifty. When was the last time, if ever, the Giants had a guy that could do what Wilson can do and in such a short window of time. However, before anointing him the starting running back and the greatest thing since beer and pretzels, it needs to be taken in stride. He still needs to protect the ball, pick up blitzes and take care of assignments. With that being said you can help but gush a little when you think about what could transpire down this stretch.

Check back next week for more Rankings Review.