Are the New York Giants 4-0, or is Corey Washington 4-O?


Aug 22, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants wide receiver Corey Washington (6) and wide receiver Preston Parker (83) tackle New York Jets cornerback Johnny Patrick (22) during the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium. New York Giants won 35-24. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Washington: Touchdown Machine

Let’s start it off from words from the man himself, Corey Washington @HeDoubleTrouble:

That’s right, Giants Nation, as you well know, the Jints are 4-0. But who is really 4-0 here. Is it the New York Giants? Or is it Corey Washington? After all:

It’s ridiculous, even before the play happened, the media was acting like it was coming. Read some of these tweets as the game was taking place:

People want Corey Washington on the team, or apparently goats will be punched in the face:

Victor Cruz like, Giants Nation?

Don’t think for a single moment that UDFA’s don’t notice Victor Cruz’s path to the NFL from 2011 as a gem. Sure, it’s the road less traveled. But for Corey Washington to find inspiration for greatness and defy the odds, he doesn’t have to look far. Victory Cruz just did the same thing a few years ago and the Giants won the damn Super Bowl.


The interesting thing is the LeBron James fact, every time LeBron’s ducts produce moist championship size tears in his eyes (2007, 2011), the Giants win the Super Bowl the following NFL season. The idea that they’re potentially finding another UDFA gem in Corey Washington just makes that tidbit all the more intriguing to that fun cherry picked stat…
You might ask us: why ask if the Giants are 4-0, vs it all being the Corey Washington show; football is a team game, what gives? And the answer is the New York Giants don’t look very good. They’re winning games with depth and broken down plays.

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The West Coast Offense is meant to be a quick strike, timing based offense that utilizes quick easy drops for the QB to unload the ball before the pass rush. Early on in games, the Giants rhythm just isn’t there. Sure, Eli looked a little better this game, but I think he’s having a hard time letting go of the gunslinger mentality of the run and shoot offense. He wants to scramble, he likes he receivers to improvise. He likes to be sure of his passes and he doesn’t get rid of the ball well. It’s funny, people out of the know call Eli a game manager QB. The West Coast offense is perfect for that type of QB, Eli doesn’t look comfortable yet.

Meanwhile, in Touchdownville, Fourth Quarter, USA — Corey Washington is the 4-0 Mayor — and Giants Nation definitely wants him on the roster.

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