New York Giants at Detroit Lions: Instant Reactions


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I’m frustrated with the New York Giants to say the least… but this isn’t just about how I feel, it’s about what we saw on the field tonight. First of all, we witnessed the same issues that we saw throughout the preseason from the Giants. The offensive line was inconsistent in the run game and barely gave Eli Manning enough time to catch a snap in the backfield. The tight end position remains uninspiring.

Second of all, there appear to be issues with position groups that were expected to be consistent or play stronger.

Third of all, I’m having a difficult time finding the silver lining. Instead of trying to provide deep analysis, this is the place to voice concerns and troubles. It’s also the place for a bit of deluded optimism, but let’s do the bad before the good.

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A big pile of pessimism 

Jason Pierre-Paul was sidelined with an injury for a moment and I nearly passed out from anxiety. The Giants obviously cannot afford to lose JPP for any significant length of time. Damontre Moore whiffed hard on a would-be sack. Robert Ayers and Mathias Kiwanuka didn’t generate anything worthwhile.

I was wondering during the preseason where Stevie Brown was… and I’m still trying to figure out when he will return to 2012 form, if ever.

Could someone please force a missed tackle on this Giants O? You need to be able to get more yardage than is blocked for you, especially when your blocking lets Suh and Fairley into the backfield.

I realize he’s the best receiver in the game, but you can’t simply leave Calvin Johnson wide open while you collide with your teammate.

Block. For. Eli. I feel like every other football game I watch is a paradise of clean pockets and ten seconds to pass. John Jerry gave up a bad sack today, and the rest of the line wasn’t much better with the hurries and hits and penalties.

Jerry Reese can’t feel good right now. His 1st round pick is sitting on the sideline and his quarterback is being pummeled into the ground. Someone remind me why they didn’t pick Zack Martin or Aaron Donald?

Deep Musings

"The biggest issue I have with the Giants performance tonight is that they were still making all of the same mistakes they made last year. Miscommunication with the receivers led to turnovers or broken plays, wrong coverage responsibilities led to busted coverages and big TDs against the secondary, and the lack of cohesion along the offensive line remains. At some point, if this team keeps making the same mistakes you have to really call the coaching in question. Luckily, this is only game one, so I would hope things will improve as they go forward. On the bright side, the Giants might have finally found a legitimate weapon at tight end in Larry Donnell. The defense was also stout against the run until the very end of the game when they tired out. One thing is for sure: this team has a long way to go in terms of once again being considered an upper echelon team in the NFL. Judging by how they played tonight, they are certainly a lot closer to picking #1 than #32 next year — James Pennisi Losing Beckham was a huge loss for the Giants because he was supposed to be the playmaker that can step in immediately and make this offense work, I’m sorry, but Jernigan and Donnell can’t be your leading receivers and expect to win games — Anthony Valerio"

The sort of positives

At least we have a little more clarity at tight end, even if it means that Larry Donnell is the best of the worst.

Prince Amukamara is great, and he’s played consistently. Maybe if he had more chances to cover Calvin Johnson, the final score would have been different.

I can’t blame things on Eli. There were miscommunications abound, but they did not seem to be a result of poor signaling or incorrect audibles. If Eli is on one page and you are on another, it will never be Eli who needs to flip the script.

Johnathan Hankins continues to develop. He’s not there yet, but he has real potential to be a top tier defensive tackle in this league for the Giants.

Corey Washington got a snap and a target in the red zone. The pass wasn’t that great and the coverage was pretty good. Corey deserves more chances. It will be a terrible disappointment if Coughlin doesn’t continue to give Washington opportunities on this uninspiring Giants receiver depth chart.

Did you see Rashad Jennings on that goal line carry? Everyone expected Andre Williams to get goal line work (and he will), but Jennings proved he can also get it done with a powerful run and second surge for a touchdown.

In conclusion

Are you feeling discombobulated after watching the Giants on Monday Night Football? Are you troubled and confused about the direction your team is taking? Do you need to vent your irrational frustrations to fans going through the same trauma? The comments section can be your soapbox, and GMEN HQ is here to act as your therapist.