Giants vs Redskins: Who Wins?


Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Giants vs Redskins on Thursday Night Football…

Let’s get right into the verdict, Mr. William Watts. Who wins this game and why?

Will: Well, this is a Giants site, so it would be best for GMEN HQ if the New York Football Giants would conquer 2-2 and at least hover at or above .500 all season.

Adam: Let me interrupt you there, I didn’t ask what was best for GMEN HQ, I asked you, who wins and why?

Will: Fair enough, Adam. There is a very good chance that the Washington Redskins win this game. However, the Redskins first loss was against the Houston Texans team the Giants just defeated. So that goes into my prediction that the Giants will put together another strong effort on the road.


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It just seems like the team had something click against the Texans defense and by history the New York Giants have been a streaky team (ya don’t say…). The Giants win tonight.

Adam: That seems like a safe pick, what’s your final score?

Will: I don’t see it being a high scoring fair. More of a mess with lots of penalties and bumbling moments. The final score will be close, 27-23 G-Men.

Adam: So you have the New York Giants putting up 27 points on a Jim Haslett defense. How do they get that done?

Will: Um… with touchdowns. You said it, it’s a Haslett defense. This guy was coaching the Florida Tuskers in 2009 and spent a lot of his career on bad Saints teams. The Giants can effectively scheme against his defense, even though he has proven to be effective with the Redskins at times. The team just gave up 37 to the Eagles, and the Giants will also be eager to slice through the Redskins defense — sans DeAngelo Hall — which went into shootout mode last week behind various coverage lapses.

For the Giants, they’ll face a tough challenge in the Redskins defense, but the team has defeated the Skins’ 95 times and should be fully capable of getting back to .500 against Gruden and Cousins.

Adam: Thanks for the prediction and explanation, Good stuff.

Will: What’s your prediction, Adam?

Adam: Your prediction will do just fine, the game starts soon…