Jason Pierre-Paul Confident In Giant Turnaround


For the New York Giants through the first seven weeks of this season, everything can be summarized as a Jekyll and Hyde first half to the 2014 season which means that this year has been a typical season for Big Blue. There has been flashes of greatness and periods of utter mediocrity, there has also been some rising stars and crushing injuries to this team that have given Giants fans an all too familiar feeling of the past two seasons.

The inconsistent play of this Giants team that has lead to two straight losses to division rivals in the last two games has brought down their hopes of continuing their winning streak momentum. While many people are no longer considering the Giants as a legitimate championship contender, the team itself apparently still has faith in turning this season around in the upcoming second half of this season after the team’s week 8 bye.

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who is rebounding quite well after an injury plagued 2013 season, seems to have returned to his dominant form that played a pivotal role in the team’s 2011 championship run. He still has confidence in his team despite falling to 3-4 and third place in the suddenly tough NFC East that is lead by the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys and the 5-1 Philadelphia Eagles. “Let’s win all nine games. I think we can do it, we just have to believe. There’s a lot of football to be played. Don’t count us out yet,” is what Pierre-Paul stated on Tuesday in an interview with the New York Daily News.

Let’s win all nine games. I think we can do it, we just have to believe. – JPP

Is it fathomable for this wildly inconsistent Giants team to somehow run the table against a schedule that includes tough games with the Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks? Considering they also have one more game each with the Eagles and Cowboys, it’s not far from possible for the Giants to pull some incredible upsets these next few weeks.

However, I believe the answer to that sadly is no. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe the Giants can figure themselves out and find a way into the playoffs, I just don’t see this team running the table even though the 49ers and Seahawks have not looked very dominant this year.

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Listen, it’s hard enough to win two games in a row in a league where parity has never been more evident this year, let alone nine. Factor in the always lingering possibility for injuries that has already become a problem for a Giants team trying to establish an identity on both sides of the ball and it becomes a pretty safe bet that the Giants will not be finishing 12-4 this year with this current roster.

Yes, Eli Manning is having an outstanding year, Odell Beckham Jr. is a star in the making and JPP looks to be back to his dominant self, but there are still too many glaring issues that this team must rectify before they can even consider making the playoffs.

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JPP’s confidence is admirable, but statements like this one have come back to make him look foolish several times this season. I’m not a total pessimist, I do think the Giants will correct their sloppy, undisciplined play and cut down on their turnovers. They will get back to playing classic Giants football and they have enough talent to make the playoffs.

This week’s bye for the Giants came at a perfect time where the team can rest and get healthy while giving Tom Coughlin and his staff plenty of time to clean up their style of play. The impending returns of left guard Geoff Schwartz and running back Rashad Jennings will provide a much needed boost for this team in its time of need.

For JPP, to avoid him looking foolish again, unless the season is over and the Giants are taking home what would be their fifth Lombardi trophy, it might be wiser for him to stop trying to grab back page headlines when your team is already getting plenty of negative attention due to their recent poor play and let his and the rest of his teammate’s play do their talking for them.