Jerry Reese Getting In The Way of Ben McAdoo


A week before the New York Giants got embarrassed 40-24 in what was looked at as a crucial game for them at home versus the Indianapolis Colts last Monday night, Giants general manager Jerry Reese made statements about how the Giants offense needing to be more aggressive by taking more shots down the field. It was uncharacteristic for the Giants to let comments that probably should have been made directly to the coaching staff behind closed doors, be released to the media.

Reese’s comments came as a surprise because the Giants front office typically stays out of the coaching staff’s way showing faith in them to do their job and execute the desired game plan on the field. Reese’s comments came off as a lack of trust in first year offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo who is in the middle of trying to install a new offensive scheme. McAdoo has had some issues executing with an offense that has been battered with injuries since training camp.

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Many understood that it would take time even perhaps a full year to implement McAdoo’s offense and that he would need the right players on the field to execute the offense properly which the Giants still have yet to do.

That didn’t stop Reese from making his comments on how he felt the Giants offense should operate. Perhaps Reese forgot last season when Eli Manning was trying to force the ball down field play after play behind a terrible offensive line and having no deep threat besides Victor Cruz who is typically a slot receiver.

Manning threw for a league high 27 interceptions that year and the Giants offense was so bad that it was the cause for bringing in McAdoo in the first place. Last Monday night was the result of when a general manager puts his two cents in where it doesn’t belong when Manning was once again running for his life behind an awful offensive line forcing the ball down the field to sub par talent with the exception of rising star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

This coupled with a non-existent rushing attack led to dropped passes and stalled drive after drive. This lead to the defense being worn down be the third quarter and all of a sudden it was 2013 all over again right before our eyes. I understand Reese wants to win but you can’t give the car to McAdoo without giving him the keys to drive it.

Reese needs to worry about having better drafts to give McAdoo the players he needs to make this offense that had showed flashes of how efficient it can be into an offensive juggernaut. The injuries are one thing, but it’s another to have inadequate talent on the field and expect to win consistently.

Bottom line is I believe McAdoo is an intelligent coach with a bright future ahead of him. Manning has adjusted well to his system so all he needs now is a solid offensive line in front of him, a reliable tight end, and another vertical threat on the outside to compliment Beckham. That falls on Reese who maybe feeling the pressure of possibly being on the hot seat if this team fails to make the playoffs for a third straight year.

Reese needs to let McAdoo do the job he was hired for and focus on doing the job that he himself was hired for which is evaluating talent and putting together a winning football club.