New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Will Only Get Better


Odell Beckham Jr.  will only get better this season as so far, he has been one of the brightest spots for the New York Giants. It’s an incredible story when one thinks about the journey he’s been through considering he completely missed all of training camp due to a hamstring injury. He’s playing at such a high level this season, he’s making quite the name for himself. So far at this point, he has 370 yards with three touchdowns on the year and continues to make big plays on a consistent basis.

Due to the inconsistent offense of the Giants, Beckham has had to do so much more than what was expected of him in his rookie year. He had to fill in for wide receiver Victor Cruz since he’s out for the year due to a devastating knee injury and also learn an incredible hard new offensive system in the West Coast offense. Yet with all that on his shoulders, he handles everything with precision and ease, as if he’s been playing professional football all his life.

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One of the best traits about Beckham is how mature he is and how incredible well he handles himself. You won’t hear anything about him fighting with teammates, being late to team meetings or even getting altercations with fans, all he cares about is doing whatever is best for his team to win. His mentality of being the best translates to his on-the-field performance very nicely because every time he plays, he usually puts on a show.

During pre-game warmups, one will always find Beckham making his patented one-handed catches without even breaking a sweat. It’s all truly remarkable since he has lived up nicely to his expectations and lately looks like he hasn’t missed a beat dating back to his college days where he was making huge plays like there was no tomorrow.

May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU) poses for a photo during the NFL Draft red carpet arrivals at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

With his incredible speed, great route-running and the fact that he has the skills to become one of the top receivers in the NFL, he will only get better over time. His talents and skills will only improve with the more playing time he gets and if one thinks ahead to the future, imagine what kind of impact he’ll have with Cruz by his side next season? The results could be incredibly huge once both athletes are healthy and executing their roles flawlessly.

The sky is the limit with what he brings to the table as his future looks like it’ll be incredibly bright. Considering that he’s getting a good rhythm with Eli Manning, he will benefit tremendously from developing a solid relationship with one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in franchise history.

Beckham has evolved with each passing week considering how he’s doing a much better job at protecting the football. It goes to show his head is in the right state of mind to adjust accordingly based on what he’s being trained on by his coaches.

“Beckham is a great player. They had to depend on him and take risks and take shots in games like this. He was able to get one earlier, which was a great play by him.” – Richard Sherman (New York Daily News)

Despite the Giants recent 38-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Beckham had an incredible game. He contributed 108 yards with a team-high seven catches and played so well, even cornerback Richard Sherman spoke highly about the rookie he defended against all game long.

Considering he got a 44-yard play against one of the top cornerbacks playing today in Sherman speaks about the kind of athlete Beckham is and will develop even further over time.

Make no mistake about it, he will end up being one of the best at his position as once his career really starts to take off in just a few years, he should be the next big thing to hit the city that never sleeps!