Last Nail In The Coughlin, New York Giants Must Move On


Back in 1992 Clint Eastwood produced, directed, and stared in the iconic movie,  “Unforgiven.” Those of you who watched it might recall an absolutely epic Eastwood quote that goes as such: “Deserves got nothing to do with it.” Fast forward to 2014, and you’ll start to realize Tom Coughlin is Little Bill Daggett, Jerry Reese is William Munny (Clint), and “deserves got nothing to do with it.”

All jokes aside whether it is fair or not it is of my opinion that Coughlin should absolutely be fired. Now don’t get me wrong, fired is a strong word, and with tremendous respect to the future Hall of Fame coach, if I was John Mara or Steve Tisch I would have him resign or step down. Honestly whatever Coughlin thinks sounds better, he is owed that much due to the respect he has earned.

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Unfortunately for many, his tenure as head coach of the New York Giants will need to come to an end. Yes, he should and will be fired because things are that bad for this football team that has seen better days.

In theory I don’t believe a two time Super Bowl wining head coach should ever be fired. Particularly by the very franchise, he won those championships for. I’ll say it again though, “deserves got nothing to do with it.” After a while, if things aren’t working, in order to get results some shaking around needs to happen.

After falling to the Jacksonville Jaguars, ironically in Jacksonville of all places, the last “nail in the Coughlin” was placed. The Giants are now 3-9, their season is in the trash, their future in the abyss and everyone wants answers for the future. As for everyone’s favorite word “direction” well right now they have none.

Any NFL team that finishes their season with a record like the Giants are on pace to finish with, after what will soon be four straight seasons of missing the playoffs, must face the harsh reality of rebuilding. To me, it seems fairly obvious that rebuilding with a now 68 year old head coach is far from ideal. Plus there is an accountability factor here, or maybe a potential lack thereof. Heads must, and likely will roll because things have become flat out embarrassing.

So you might be thinking “why not fire someone other than Coughlin?” Maybe you’re thinking “why can’t someone else be the fall the guy?” To answer both questions, Reese, and offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo are more or less untouchable. It takes time for this new West Coast offense to be a culture and for draft picks to fully develop. Perhaps defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will be fired, but the weight of that move is not nearly enough to suffice the situation.

I don’t believe the Giants have quit however. I personally don’t particularly buy into the popular notion that NFL teams quit, but if they do, I believe this Giant team is not one that has. I think instead there are many issues with this team, one being a lack of talent, predominantly on the offensive line.

However as bad as the offensive line is, the defense is right there with them. Right there swimming in a big bowl of incompetence as these two glaring weaknesses need to be completely revamped. Once again, though, “deserves got nothing to do with it.”

The Giants must rebuild, and I simply don’t think Coughlin is at a point in his career where he can realistically do the job justice. I frankly cannot imagine a scenario where a 68 year old head coach has the time to sit through a rebuild. Rebuilds take time, and time is quite possibly the one thing Coach Coughlin doesn’t have.

Maybe more than anything it’s simply time for Tom and the Giants to move on. It’s been a great run, a run for a Giants head coach like none other. A run that brought two Super Bowl titles to New York, a Hall of Fame resume, and so much more but it’s also a run that I feel is over.

Perhaps Coughlin’s coaching abilities haven’t slipped, haven’t fallen off, maybe its Reese’s fault, maybe it’s no one’s fault, and the ship will turn around next year. Still at the end of the day for the reasons listed above, I believe it is time to move on to give a young, fresh blooded head coach a shot to turn things around.