Ben McAdoo: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


The fate of Ben McAdoo is really an unknown. It’s not something sports writers want to get in the habit of saying, that we flat out don’t know something. The problem is that the jobs of the entire coaching staff is in limbo. If Tom Couglin is fired (an increasingly likely possibility) most if not all of his staff would go with him.

Head coaches hire their own staffs. While the New York Giants could certainly insist that McAdoo stays as the offensive coordinator, it would be unfair to an incoming coach. It’s one thing if the new head coach has a similar style and he meshes with McAdoo; its a completely different situation if he would butt heads with him. The only question we can answer is if McAdoo deserves another shot?

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I believe that it is in the best interests of the team to keep McAdoo in place but that is up to whomever the head coach is next season.

The offensive woes of the Giants are not the fault of McAdoo. Surely, absolving the coordinator of all blame is going too far, but we must admit there are far greater problems.

The offensive line is an absolute mess. While most people look to the play-makers the offensive linemen make and allow opportunities for these play-makers.

The Giants are starting a right tackle they drafted two years ago and a center they drafted this year. The offensive line is young and it may still develop but at the moment it is awful. Since the Giants lack a good deal of talent at several positions, it is unfair to say he is the problem.

In many ways McAdoo has shown some real prowess for the job. He is exactly what the doctor prescribed for Eli Manning, a West Coast offense based on timing and efficiency. He certainly understands how effective offenses work coming from the Green Bay Packers coaching staff.

The truth is that he is growing into the offensive coordinator position, a position that he had never held previously. The Giants took a chance on McAdoo because they thought he could rejuvenate the career of Manning. Couglin believing in the man earns my endorsement; obviously there is faith that he can get the job done.

McAdoo came to New York at the right time. He came during a year that was bound to be an epic failure, with or without him. This season has been a great experience for the upstart offensive coordinator after years of being a position coach. The thing that behooves McAdoo’s chances of staying in New York is a sense that he will be successful elsewhere if let go.

With Victor Cruz’s injury and bad offensive line problems this year may not have been what he was expecting, the least the Giants could do is give the McAdoo another shot. He deserves to remain the offensive coordinator.

The problem is that it is not up to me. It may not even be up to Coughlin if the Giants retain the 37 year old coordinator. With the whole coaching staff in limbo all we can do is wait and see.