Eli Manning Fantasy Football Week 14 Projection


Eli Manning fantasy value as a quarterback has become quietly and relatively steady in the fantasy football world. Although just three weeks ago he tossed five interceptions against the San Francisco 49ers, he escaped the month of October by not throwing any interceptions. He has thrown seven of them over his last four games (including the five against the 49ers). His touchdown-total has been steady but nothing worthwhile to be blown away with (23 total).

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The Tennessee Titans are last in the NFL in terms of rushing yards allowed on defense. Manning may not put up the most robust passing statistics in this game if the Giants plan to lean on running back Rashad Jennings and the rest of the running game.

However, with the Titans giving up roughly 33 points over their last five games there may be plenty of touchdowns to go around for the Giants offense.

The Titans are 18th in the league with allowing about 244 yards in the air on defense. Manning should finish around that benchmark since that seems to be his norm. With the big-play ability of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr Manning has a good chance of of throwing north of 250 yards.

With only forcing 11 interceptions on the season, the Titans defense does not always make a play on the ball in the air. The only aspect that is concerning keeping Manning upright since the Titans have forced 31 sacks to this weekend.

Fantasy Football Week 14 Projected Stats: 253 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 0 interceptions