Andre Williams Looks Like Star In New York Giants Win


The New York Giants finally grabbed a win in Tennessee and Andre Williams began to show us signs that he can be a star running back. The rookie out of Boston College dropped jaws with his 50 yard touchdown run and rushed for 131 yards. The Giants, who built an early lead, leaned heavily on Williams who also had 3 receptions for 16 yards. The Giants gave Williams 27 touches total in a glorious 36-7 win.

Williams just had the best performance of his short career. Rashad Jennings has been the go to ball carrier for the Giants much of the season however, Jennings’s inability to stave off injuries has given periods of heavy work for Williams. Williams had not rushed for more than 66 yards until this performance and looks ready for more.

On the season, Williams averages  a low 2.9  yards per carry, a number he shattered today with 5.5 yards per carry.

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Is Williams making strides towards being the Giants’ workhorse or is this the manifestation of a horrible rush defending opponent? It’s the classic Shakespearean dilemma in regards to Williams career taking off; is it to be or not to be?

The answer will be told in the coming weeks. Williams benefited from a bad tackling defense and the best showing from the offensive line. Williams however did do a lot of good with the football in his hands.

He ran instinctively and without hesitation. He took care of the football, on his touchdown run he got a questionable toss from Eli Manning but he bobbled it to himself as the rest was pure magic. It also appeared that he understood his job in pass protection. He even was used as a safety valve for Manning in the passing game. Williams looked like a star, and showed the best glimpse at his potential to date.

This feels like a stepping stone for the rookie running back. The Giants took a chance on a running back for a second time with Williams and so far it’s paid off. Remember, the Giants drafted David Wilson with the 32nd overall pick in 2012. Injuries have since put a devastatingly sad end to the career of Wilson.

The Giants have been looking for a star running back for a while and Williams has now flashed signs of being what they were looking for. Perhaps now they can continue to cultivate him towards greatness by giving him the support, leadership and plays he needs to truly start making a name for himself.