New York Giants Fans: Let Your Voice Be Heard!


The question is interesting because you could go many different ways with this, who is the Giants MVP? The most valuable player is the player the team could not do with out, the center piece of what the team does well. On a 4 win team, there are still great players. I would say that Eli Manning is the Giants most valuable player because he leads the offense. Though I think Odell Beckham Jr is the most exciting player his performance is boosted by the competence of one Eli Manning.

The most disappointing group to me is the linebacking core. Think about it, every other position group has at least had moments throughout the season of great success. The Giants’ linebackers are not getting the job done in run defense and that is why they are 30th out of 32 in rushing yards per game and have given up 13 rushing touchdowns.

I think it is time for a fresh start for the Giants. Tom Coughlin is a great coach and I have an absolute respect for the 2 time Super Bowl champion. Three straight years without a playoff appearance is just not getting the job done however. Hopefully the Giants proceed with class and honor Coughlin with some respect. That being said its time for a change.

The Giants have holes that can be filled partially in free agency. The Giants should be aggressive in free agency though must do it responsibly. They can not abandon the future for immediate rewards, this team won’t become amazing overnight. However they can be much better with a good off season and should attack the day.

For me this is a combination of a few answers. First the defense has been bad all the way around, especially stopping the run. The offensive line has had problems and has been shuffled a bit. Please feel free to leave your comments below so the staff of can respond to you in a timely fashion!

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