New York Giants: Big Blue Talking Points


The New York Giants benefited from a Robert Griffin III bobbling of the football in the end zone, did Big Blue get lucky? The Giants have now won 2 straight, how does this affect their early draft pick? Is Odell Beckham Jr the rookie of the year? And what should we make about the return of Stevie Brown? These are all talking points that I am ready to dive into. Lets get it.

The first question is answered, yes the Giants got lucky with the call at the end of the first half. I believe Griffin had control of the football as he crossed the plain and therefore should have been rewarded 6 points. He clearly lost possession of the football, but I believe it was after he had broke the plane of the end zone.

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At the end of the day, it does not really matter. The call was made and the Giants took advantage of it just as the Redskins would have in the same situation.

To be fair, the Giants got lucky. The Redskins should be a little ticked. They still had an opportunity to win the game; this was not the end of the game but the first half and the Redskins lost by 11 points not 7.

The Giants should not worry about the win affecting their drafting position. Good general managers can get a good player in the first 32 picks, regardless of position.

The Giants drafted Beckham at the 12 spot and he was a pretty good selection. The Giants will have a decent drafting position throughout all 7 rounds. While I am all about the draft coverage, don’t fear a loss but rejoice in every victory you can achieve.

Beckham is not running away with the offensive rookie of the year award but he is coming pretty darn close. Mike Evans is in the running as well. The award might be the only tangible thing the fans still have to root for this season. It will be decided in the final two games and if Beckham can continue this type of performance he will be crowned.

Finally, what should we make of the return of Brown? He had 3 tackles in his first game back since losing his job. Brown played about as well as you could expect from a guy who has been sitting on the bench a good bit of this season.

There is no doubting the defensive back’s physical ability but its the maturity and professionalism that is questioned. It is nice to see him out of the dog house and back on to the field. His performance is certainly something to monitor as the season reaches its end.

I hope you have enjoyed these Big Blue Talking points. Please leave some comments below we we can really get the conversation going. Stay tuned to GMENHQ all year long for the most comprehensive Giants coverage!