Tom Coughlin Stays But Things Can’t Stay The Same


The New York Giants need to reinvent who they are as a football team; and they will have to do it with relatively the same coaching staff. The Giants brass decided to keep Tom Coughlin as their head coach; it was a move of trust not complacency.

The Giants are supposed to be one of the National Football League’s premier franchises. Representing the city that never sleeps, the Giants are in an unbelievably prosperous market. The team has won four Super Bowls and won four championships before the Super Bowl’s existence. A proud franchise of 90 years is never going to be complacent with mediocrity.

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Coughlin and his staff understand that things must change. The Giants can’t keep getting out to a slow start that puts them out of playoff contention by Halloween. To change, the Giants have to get back to the things that made Coughlin famous, the little things.

A team is the reflection of their head coach. This is why Rex Ryan and his now ex team of the New York Jets always barked loudly no matter their record and why Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots are so consistent.

Coughlin is known for a stickler for the rules and a hard nosed individual. He is known as a tough minded coach who has no tolerance for even the most minor mistake. If a team is a reflection of their head coach than Coughlin needs to take a look in the mirror.

This is a team that could not do the little things, the little details that mean so much in the game of football. This is a team that gets pushed around, that can’t tackle and that can’t stay out of their own way. This is a team with linebackers who struggle to fight off blocks because they take poor angles.

This is a team that gets blown out, that loses games in which they have big leads and which comes up short against division opponents not named the Washington Redskins.

Fixing the Giants means doing the little things right. It means linebackers reading and reacting better so that they can take better angles so that they can make better tackles. Its offensive linemen communicating and knowing their job so they can protect Eli Manning.

It means not fumbling the football after a big reception. Fixing the Giants starts with Coughlin finding the attention of detail and demand for perfection that he is known for.

Teams are always going to be a reflection of their head coach. The Giants look soft and content with their failure. Coughlin needs to be the unpleasant perfectionist that has won a lot of football games over the years. In the 2015 season we will see if Coughlin can reinvent himself into what he used to be.