New York Giants Look to Steve Spagnuolo for DC Position


The main question this offseason for the New York Giants is who will be their next defensive coordinator? It’s a position that the Giants need to be sure on as their defense will be the main reason if they succeed in 2015 or not.

Former Giants’ linebacker Pepper Johnson was reported to be in line for the position, but as of Monday morning, he dropped down the list. The candidate that might have leaped over Johnson on the list is Steve Spagnuolo. The Baltimore Ravens‘ secondary coach will most likely be interviewed by the Giants as the Ravens’ postseason ended against the New England Patriots this past Saturday 31-35.

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The Giants are seeking to interview Spagnuolo now that he’s free and will no doubt try to lock him up as soon as possible. He is supposedly a fan favorite among the Giants’ fan base as he was the one that led the defensive unit to glory in Super Bowl XLVI.

Spagnuolo’s coaching philosophy is aggressive and a blitz-heavy approach. The philosophy seemed to be working in 2007 while Spagnuolo was DC as the Giants led the NFL in sacks. Even against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady went down five times. Spagnuolo is also known for his 4-3 base defense that focuses on multiple blitz packages, including safety and corner blitzes.

If the Giants get a hold of him this offseason, then it’s a good start for the defense. Spagnuolo got along with head coach Tom Coughlin when they worked together, so there’s no doubt Coughlin will back the Giants’ decision if they do hire Spagnuolo.

The Giants also have other priorities on the defensive side like re-signing Jason Pierre-Paul. Spagnuolo prefers to have an enforcing defensive line, so the Giants need to make Pierre-Paul their top priority if he is to come onboard.

Overall, if the Giants show Spagnuolo that they mean business by re-signing Pierre-Paul and make some defensive upgrades, then there’s no question hewill be back to his old stomping grounds in 2015.