Sibling Rivalry: Is Eli Manning better than Peyton Manning?


It has been debated for years who the better quarterback is, Eli Manning or Peyton Manning? The more obvious choice for most NFL fans is Peyton. If you actually look at what counts, Eli is giving Peyton a run for his money.

Eli is one of the greatest players in New York Giants history. He brought them two Super Bowl victories, one more exciting than the next. Not to mention one win was against arguably the greatest team of all time, the 16-0 New England Patriots. In the sports world, stats don’t matter. What matters is winning games and that’s exactly what Eli does.

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Peyton’s story is a little bit more tricky. He is most likely the greatest quarterback of all time. He shattered the record books after a possible career ending injury. No critic can take that away from him. Peyton is the better quarterback overall, but he lacks one key attribute. He lacks the ability to come up big in critical games.

It is possible to be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and still lose games. A quarterback can only carry his team so far. The league is driven by quarterbacks, they either get all the credit or all the blame. The sad truth is that Peyton just hasn’t been able to come up big when he has to. He doesn’t work well under pressure.

When you pull all the facts together, you have a legendary regular season quarterback who can’t win big games and a decent regular season quarterback who becomes Superman when he makes the playoffs. When it’s all said and done, Eli has two rings to Peyton’s one.

In the West Coast offense, Eli is thriving. He is in the prime of his career and it is only just beginning. With Odell Beckham looking better every day and Victor Cruz training to return back better than ever before, Eli’s performance will only improve. All he has to do is add another Super Bowl to his resume and he will be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

He is already highly underrated and overshadowed by his older brother. In the end though, this debate will only get better as both brothers continue to add to their sibling rivalry. Now the question I ask to you, Giants Nation, who would you rather have as your franchise quarterback? Eli or Peyton? Vote below and leave your comments!

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