Super Bowl Commercials 2015 Preview


Every year companies pay ridiculous amounts of money to have some commercial airtime during the Super Bowl. It is tradition for Americans to watch and debate what the best commercials are every year. Some are funny, some send out a heartwarming message, and some are raunchy. Here’s a sneak peak at the best commercials airing this Sunday you should definitely look out for.

T-Mobile decided to use Kim Kardashian to run up data charges on fans Sunday. With all the controversy surrounding her this year, it’s no surprise that she found her way into the Super Bowl. Fans will be delighted to see her in a commercial in which she completely makes fun of herself and her life.

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Toyota put out a very heartwarming commercial on technology. They compared their relentless drive to improve automobiles to the drive of humans that succeed in their endeavors no matter what the obstacle.

Snickers is known for the “Your not you when your hungry” commercials. Snickers hires a famous actor or actress for each skit. Snickers had previously featured Joe Pesci, Betty White, Don Rickles, Abe Vigoda, Liza Minnelli, and Robin Williams. For the Super Bowl, Snickers broke out the big guns and chose Danny Trejo. You can only imagine who they paired Trejo with in the epic scene.

Carl’s Jr. advertised their “Au Natural” burger in a way that raised a lot of controversy. Parents across the nation are worried about this commercial being a little to R-rated for their kids to view, but Carl’s Jr. took a gamble and hit a home run. This commercial is very raunchy, but in a playful way. It has to be one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials to date.

Budweiser topped the list this year. Their “Lost Dog” commercial will definitely win over Americans of all ages. When this commercial airs, have a box of tissues ready. The commercial is capable of bringing even Marshawn Lynch to tears! Bud the dog nails the best acting performance in a Super Bowl commercial this year.

Overall, this should be another great year of epic commercials. Make sure to record them because you will surely want to watch them over and over again for some good laughs!

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