Super Bowl Parties 2015: How To Throw An Awesome Bash


The following are some general ideas on how to throw a great Super Bowl party. One must strictly follow these three, simple rules in order to throw a great bash. Meaning take notes, write this down, and do not forget, because if you do, simple put, your super party will not be great, and it might not even be a party at all. More like a “viewing” and that is not good for anyone! Do not be that guy.

To begin, number one is making sure you are accompanied by close friends and family, without such, truly, nothing else matters. Ideally you want knowable football fans, but do not let such cause you to break friendships. Hey, if your close friend does not know a thing about football, it is not the end of the world.

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Find the positive in the situation, maybe challenge him, or her to a bet. Winning extra money, to spend on food and drinks is never a bad thing. Frankly, if you ask me, winning a bet with a close friend, or family member, is undeniably priceless.

With that being said, my advice to you, is to follow the “the more the merrier” rule. So invite the aunts, invite the uncles, invite grandma, invite grandpa, definitely invite dad, maybe mom, but invite the friends, invite them all, even the mailman, invite him too.

Number two is making sure to supply great food and drinks. For me personally, anything that involves buffalo chicken (see bio) is a plus, but Mexican is good too, either way this rule is about having great comfort food, ideally food that all can enjoy. Without great food the aforementioned “friends and family” will not be too happy, and if your friends, and family are anything like mine, leaving them hungry is a big time “no-no.”

Finally, rule number three is specific to throwing a Super Bowl party, as it is an absolute necessity. That necessity is having a big TV. Anything over forty inches should suffice, anything over sixty is extra impressive. Basically if you want to leave a lasting impression, make sure your tech game is on point.

More importantly, besides just having a nice TV, by all means make sure you know how to work the device, or should I say make sure such device actually works. The out-and-out worse thing you can do when throwing a Super Bowl party is supplying a broken TV, or at least one that you personally do not know how to use properly. So, unless you want a riot to ensue, do not have a situation where you don’t know how to fix any issues that could arise from your TV.

In the end, throwing a Super Bowl party is actually quite simple. Follow these three simple rules and I promise you a good time will follow.

Happy Super Bowl, enjoy!

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